Come Walk With Me
 Award-winning video filmed in the mountains of Montana, includes seven of Jim's catchy kid songs, spectacular wildlife footage, beautiful wilderness scenery, and fun action with Jim and his favorite young friends. Come take a walk with Jim and the kids. This is a fun journey into the wild country; a great introduction to hiking and wilderness for the kids.  32 minute film.
 Features this songs:
                   If I Were A Tree
                   Manfred The Mopey Moose
                   Come Walk With Me
                   Pika, Pika
                   River, River, River Run
                   Wild Things Need Wild Places
                   Whole Earth Harmony
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 What others have said about Come Walk With Me:
 "Kids will enjoy singing with Jim, and be entertained by the generous animal footage. Recommended."
                                                                      -- Video Librarian  May/June 1996 
"For any school or public library in need of some fun songs and excellant wildlife photography of the Rocky Mountain Region, Come Walk With Me provides 30 minutes of pleasant children, music, and animals in their natural habitats ... Viewers will find themselves singing along with the captivating tunes and trying to name all the different animals that are shown ... This musical hike would be perfect for scout and 4-H meetings, camps, at home viewing, and for school related activities like science and nature study."
                                                           -- Linda R. Skeele, Western Elementary School
                                                      Georgetown, KY School Library Journal, June 1996
"All technical aspects of the film are excellant: the selection and sequencing of vignettes; the blending of music, dialogue and scenery; the range and quality of the sound; the range and brilliance of the color; and the editing. The film is a celebration of the wilderness and its inhabitants, and is educational in a whimsical and entertaining way ... Ecological principles and concepts are conveyed in holistic ways. I recommend this film highly for a variety of applications."
                                                              -- Paul H. Joslin, Emeritus, Drake University
                                               Des Moines, IA in Science Books & Films, June/July 1996
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