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The Keeper's Gift - Craig Wagner    Seed on the Prairie - Magpie
Circle of Friends - Susan Grace Songs For the Earth (A Tribute to Rachel Carson)  -  M.U.S.E.
New Beginnings - Susan Grace Eye of the Hunter  - M.U.S.E.
 Sweet Alaska - Susan Grace One Land, One Heart - M.U.S.E.
Come Into The Light - Susan Grace  Halfway Man (book) - Wayland Drew
 Living Planet - Magpie Biff - Legend Music From Montana

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Craig Wagner  --  The Keeper's Gift

Wagner.jpgCraig Wagner is a music man who loves wild places. He released this recording in 1988 with the profits going toward supporting the preservation of the culture and wilderness habitat of the North American Arctic. His songs, flowing instrumentals on the piano and hammered dulcimer, take the listener out to the wide, open spaces. They invoke memories and stir ancestral rhythms that remind us that, yes, there is another side to this life.

Craig is co-founder of Musicians United to Sustain the Environment and is very committed to protecting our last wild places. He is an incredible musician. Those of you familiar with my recordings will recognize his piano work on my Montana Moon in the Pines on the Listen to the Earth recording. The same passion comes through in the songs of The Keeper's Gift. - WJS

                The songs on this CD:   RidgewindKeepers_Gift_cover_small.jpg
                                                         Kristin's Waltz
                                                         The Strength
                                                         On the Brink
                                                         Home to You
                                                         Edgar's Reel/Poppyseed
                                                         Wedding Morn
                                                         The Song that Tom Likes
                                                         Augusta Highway
                                                         The Keeper's Gift

"I love this recording. It is soothing, yet inspiring. The songs weave a web of peace that I like to wrap myself in, especially when I'm driving through Nevada, or Utah, or British Columbia --- places that have miles of vast landscape still intact and untouched." - WJS

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 Susan Grace


Singer-songwriter and environmental educator, Susan Grace lives in Fairbanks, Alaska where she shares her love for the Earth and wild Alaska through her folk style music. Susan is a former director of Creamer's Field Nature Center in Fairbanks. She also teaches songwriting workshops to students of all ages and works with teachers, environmental educators and natural history interpreters helping them to incorporate music into their programs.

Camp Habitat is the environmental education program that Susan developed and began in the summer of 1991. It has been extremely successful and attended by hundreds of children ages 4 through 15. There is indeed hope for the future and Susan works as hard as she can to make a difference on this earth. Susan is Walkin' Jim's sister and toured with him one fall in the 80's. She has also toured extensively with a road show supporting the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

 Circle of Friends

"This was Susan's first recording from 1989. Being her brother, I'm a bit prejudiced, but I really think this recording is gem. It has some of my favorite of Sue's songs, tunes that I often find myself humming or quoting. Song of The Arctic, Love We Carry Within, Auroras Dance, Northern Lament, Chatanika     Circle_of_Friends_cd_cover.jpgRiver Song….. these are all love songs to wild places. And I cry when I hear Beverly's Song, and smile all cozy with Circle of Friends. And she does a neat version of my song, Follow Your Heart. I'm so proud of her, and hope you'll give this recording a special spot on you cd player." - WJS                               

Song Of The Artic
 Beverly's Song
 Ribbon of Steel
 Chatanika River Song
 The Love We Carry Within
 Auroras Dance/Midnight On The Water  •   Coffee
 Old Time Friends
 Northern Lament
 Circle Of Friends
 Follow Your Heart

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New Beginnings

This cd has some real classics of Susan's work. Sweet Alaska was used recently in a documentary about Mardie Murie. It is a song that you wish would keep on playing another 5 or 10 minutes! I love that song. And Woman To Woman is a tribute to the women in my family, so again… I'm a bit partial. But what a song! Boys and Their Toys will bring a chuckle. Sue's voice and musicianship comes through strongly onNew_Beginnings_cd_cover.jpg this one. I love her arrangements. I think you will, too. -- WJS

                    I Believe In You
                    Signs Of Hunger
                    Boys And Their Toys
                    Healing Love
                    Keith's Song
                    Sweet Alaska
                    New Beginnings
                    Lonely Road
                    Break Out
                    Stand Up For Love
                    Woman To Woman 

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Sweet Alaska

This is Susan's most recent recording from 1998. If you've traveled to Alaska, or only dream of it, these Sweet_Alaska_cover.JPGsongs will feed those dreams of the big rivers, the wide open valleys, the vast land itself. The song "Sweet Alaska" was used in the film about Mardie Murie, Arctic Dance. It's such a wonderful song. And I love Sue's version of my song, Forever Wild. I hope you'll check out these fine songs from a special person in my life. - WJS

                   Harry and Ida
                   Hands and Hearts
                   The Love we Carry Within
                   Kick and Glide
                   Birch Creek
                   Simple Gifts
                   River Song
                   Creamer's Morning
                   Forever Wild
                   Sweet Alaska

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Come Into The Light
This is Susan's fourth recording, just released at the end of 2009. Lots of great new songs (15 of them) all with wonderful arrangements and backed by some of Alaska's best musicians. My current favorite is "Silent Through the Night", but I love "Golden Eagle" and "Song for Ginny Wood" and all of them. I think you'll love them, too.  ---WJSCome_Into_the_Light_cd_cover_large.jpg

                   Family of Humanity
                   The Journey
                   Day After Day
                   Circle of Love
                   Golden Eagle
                   Sweet Texas Thistle
                   Silent Through the Night

                   This Love
                   Song for Ginny Wood
                   Tides of Change
                   Come Into The Light

                   There's Always Rocks
                   Breaking Down The Walls

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Magpie.jpg "One thing I see for certain in the light of stars above,                
 If we love this land we walk upon we got to hold on to                 what we love…"                                                                         -- from " The Eagle and the Hawk" by Magpie

Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, better known as Magpie , have been singing together since 1973 and have recorded seven albums. They devote a major part of their energy to environmental causes and are closely associated with Hudson River Sloop Clearwater . Magpie spends much of their time involved in environmental education through musical performances in schools all over the country. They've been very supportive of Musicians United to Sustain the Environment , and were the catalyst behind the Tribute to Rachel Carson cd.  We are delighted to offer two of their classic recordings of Earth music to our listeners.
Living Planet

This is a wonderful collection of songs, three of which were written by Greg and Terry. They have a great ear for fine songs and have chosen well for this recording. The writers of the songs reads like a who's who list of the folk music world. Tunes by Pete Seeger, Gordon Bok, Bob Zentz, Sally Rogers, and many othersLiving_Planet.jpg make this a diverse, interesting brew. Magpie's great harmonies, and simple, but powerful arrangements add much to each song. Greg sings and plays guitar and concertina while Terry sings and adds mandolin, harmonica, dulcimer, and guitar.                        

The songs:     Isle of May
                        The Magpie
                        Letter to Eve
                        The Rainforest Song
                        River's Takin' Care of Me
                        This Old Bay
                        Killing Rain
                        Song of Whales
                        The Brandy Tree
                        The Land Knows You're There
                        Living Planet

"I love this recording. It was featured by National Public Radio back on the 20th anniversary celebration of Earth Day. To me there is not a weak song in the whole mix. Oh, I have my favorites. "Amorok" is a haunting song which was included on the recent M.U.S.E. cd celebrating wolves, coyotes, bears and other predators. "This Old Bay" rolls and flows like the tide and is a sweet song. "The Brandy Tree",  "Living Planet", and "The Land Knows You're There" all have a special place in my heart. I really think those who listen to this recording will come out wealthier for the experience." ----WJS
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Seed on the Prairie


It's easy for me to rave about this recording. First of all it has Magpie with their folksy arrangements and powerful harmonies. When they perform a song it becomes their own, but also strikes to the heart of the listener. It is a sincere sharing --- of music, of wisdom, and of passion. Greg and Terry write songs for the Earth. Their lyrics express a great love and understanding for the wild places and wild lives we share this planet with. They've written eleven of the sixteen songs on this cd, and these are all strong, inspiring songs. It's hard to pick a favorite, but The Eagle and the Hawk and White Wings are up there on the list. Their tribute to the American chestnut is particularly touching, and "Rachel" is a song for Rachel Carson. We Belong To the Earth is an anthem I could listen to every day and find new inspiration and joy with each listening.

Once again they have chosen well in songs by other writers, too. Pat Humphries Swimming to the Other Side is one of those songs you'll sing for days after listening to it. Fine songs written by Ellen Klaver, Nita Leonino, Kim & Reggie Harris, and the great Phil Ochs round out the CD. This album is a favorite of mine. I hope it'll become a favorite of yours, too. - WJS

                                         Swimming to the Other Side
                              The Eagle and the Hawk
                              Yellow Metal
                              Live Like a Prayer
                              White Wings
                              Seed on the Prairie
                              Circle of Stone
                              Deva's Dance
                              You Were Right
                              Heaven Is Less Than Fair
                              Take Me Back to Harper's Ferry
                              How Long?
                              The Chestnut
                               Guardians of Higher Ground
                              We Belong to the Earth

"We belong to the Earth, We all belong to the Earth, It's not that she belongs to us, it's we belong to her, it's we belong to her…." - Magpie
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Halfway Man

One of my all-time FAVORITE books, this is the heart-warming tale of a tribe of Native Americans living on the north shore of Lake Superior. Faced with impending development and the loss of their homeland they take some unique steps to stem the tide and let the land speak to those very developers who most need to hear the voice of the Earth. It is an inspiring book full of unforgettable characters and vivid imagery of the north shore. This story will have you crying and laughing, and feeling good about being a human. Wayland Drew has written a beautiful tale. I just hope others will discover the joy and wisdom in this underground classic. - WJS


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 Biff -- Legend Music from Montana
Music by the late Biff Schlossman



"Some of you who have read my book will remember the part about my friend, Biff.  He was another special person in my life and when he died this tape was put together from various live recordings that folks had. We miss him greatly, but I'm SO glad we have this recording of him singing! This is not a high tech production, but the spirit of Biff and his live performances come across well.  It is only available on cassette.  All proceeds from the sale of this tape go to the Montana Nature Conservancy." --WJS

             Montana Bungalow
             Heart Of The Appaloosa
             Don't Count On The Rainy Days
             Home Is Where Montana Is
             Big Sky Mountain Grill
             Memories Of East Texas
             No Woman No Cry
             Wolf Song
             Even Hippies ...
             Montana In Time
             Hobo's Mandolin
             Shacks and Chalets
             Montana Cafe 

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