One Land, One Heart - M.U.S.E.
One Land, One Heart - M.U.S.E. Craig Wagner --- Genesis
Magpie --- We Belong to the Earth
Susan Grace --- Stand Up For Love
Dakota Sid Clifford --- We Want the Whole Thing Back
Karen Goldberg --- Earth Day Song
David Elias ---- The Blue Planet
Alice Di Micele --- Chinook Blues
John McCutcheon --- Leviathan
Lydia Adams Davis --- Song of Life
Peter & Lou Berryman --- Here's to Mother Nature
Joanne Rand --- Bearing Witness
Dana Lyons --- The Tree
Joyce Rouse --- We Are One
Walkin' Jim Stoltz --- Oh, What A Life
Libby Roderick --- Low to the Ground
Paul Winter --- Antelope Dreams of Her African Cousins

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November 19, 2018
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