Wild Wind Newsletter – Dec. 2018

Welcome to the Wild Wind Solstice 2018


  • Transitions
  • In the Listening
  • Photo from Lance Shelvin
  As we move toward solstice, the time of darker days and looking ahead to longer light, it’s naturally reflective. When we take some moments to slow our minds down we can feel the calm in our hearts and be thankful. The Wild Wind Foundation was founded after Walkin Jim Stoltz’s death. Together with the organization Musicians United to Sustain the Environment this has been a memorial for Jim.  We at Wild Wind want to thank all of you for your support through time.  Your purchases, along with donations all go to the Kid for the Wild Scholarship fund. Wild Wind has transitioned to a new webhost, so you will see this email coming from a different address; walkinjimmusic@gmail.com.  MUSE has been the fiscal sponsor for this fund, but soon, Wild Wind Foundation and Walkinjim.com will integrate with MUSE and you will see a transformation.  Walkinjim.com and Wildwindfoundation.com will still show you the same website. Kid for the Wild will continue to sponsor kid’s opportunities to get outside! University of Montana archives now have much of Walkin Jim’s writings and letters in their archives. May 5, 2019 Appalachian Trail Museum will host an opening for an exhibit that features Walkin Jim.  More information about both of these will be updated on the website. Wishing you all some quiet time in the days to come to bring peace to your days.  Time to “Listen to the Earth”. Leslie ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the Listening If I could give you any gift,
It would be the will to listen.
Not with the ears of a human, But that of a river or the mountain;
Of the land itself.
There would be joy in the listening.
And truth in there somewhere. Smashed under the rock of indifference,
Wallowing in the backwaters and tucked away
You would hear it in the wind,
In the splash of a landing of a Golden Eye
In the footstep of a wayward man
Or woman And you would recognize it
Right away,
Greeting it with a nod of knowing
In your neighbors
And in yourself. image003 Jim on the trail…1978 Photo by Lance Shelvin

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