Kid’s Links

A.T. Central for Kids
The Appalachian Trail is a very special trail. It was Walkin’ Jim’s first long walk back in 1974. It changed his life. This website can tell you a lot about the trail, the plants and animals that live along it, and how to plan a hike. There’s even an A.T. quiz.
This site is all about moose with interesting facts, biology, pictures, and much more!
Dandelions Unlimited
Do you want to make a difference and help your environment? This is a website with ideas of things you can do at your school to help the planet. Walkin’ Jim’s friend, Dana Lyons, has organized this project. You’ll be inspired to see what schools, colleges, churches, and communities are doing. 
Pika Works
Discover the world of pikas, their wildlife friends and the beautiful mountain landscapes in which they live.
Bats, Bats, Everywhere
A website about bats, designed for all children, and created to teach how to respect and protect this endangered species. 
Kid’s Planet

Stories, animal facts, and much more.  Hosted by Defenders of Wildlife

Animal Planet
Cable channel site about animals and humans sharing the planet.
Children’s Music Web
A site dedicated to music for kids.
The Imagination Factory
Teaches children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art.
National Geographic
Pirates, planets, Presidents, and more – they’re all here! So are mummies, mysteries, animals, and games.
Just for Kids
Department of Interior website for kids with pages from the National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey, BLM, and U.S.Fish and Wildlife.
Great site with all kinds of info on Michigan and MidWest wildlife.  
Roots and Shoots
You can do something positive to help the Earth. Join thousands of kids around the world in this growing movement. Founded by Jane Goodall.

Health Related

Many of you know Jim and some of his family carry a gene which can cause Polycystic Kidney Disease. Jim developed squamous cell cancer after transplant and that is what ultimatly took his life.  In the 80s both of us volunteered for a program called the Sunshine Kids that was dedicated to helping kids with cancer.  This experience was as much of a gift for us as it was for the kids who participated.

A couple of links below may be helpful for anyone who is searching for a way to support young people who have been diagnosed with or have a family member diagnosed with cancer.


The Sunshine Kids is dedicated to children with Cancer.  This non-profit is commited to providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients.

Mesothelioma Hope provides free educational resources, support, and information to anyone that may have questions about a few different cancers/diseases caused by asbestos.

 Links for Parents and Teachers
Nancy Schimmel’s Activity Book
Environmental Education resource lists
Sierra Club Environmental Education
Family environmental education links
The Songs for Environmental Education Homepage
This site is dedicated to exploring the use of music and song in environmental education. 
Roots and Shoots
You can do something positive to help the Earth. Join thousands of kids, young and old, around the world in this growing movement. Founded by Jane Goodal.