More Animal Stories

Thank You For Sharing Your Own Experiences With Wildlife
Story #71
Name: Brayden
City and State: South China, ME          Age: 7
The Story: One time when we were drivin on a road, we saw a porcupine climbing a tree.  I think it climbed into the tree because it eats bark. We got out of the car and it stayed in the tree.  It was big as a bowling ball.  It was grey.  And then we drove back home. 
Story #72
Name: Miranda
City and State: China, Maine            Age: 10
The Story: One day I went to the aquarium with my dad and I saw so many different kinds of fish. There were baby sharks, eels, sting rays and more. I got to pet a sting ray and a baby shark. I had a really fun time. Thank you for reading my animal story. The end.
Story #73
Name: Teirney
City and State: Mechanicsburg,PA      Age: 10 and a half
The Story: One day I went into the backyard with my Grandmother and I stepped on a baby Black Snake. It took its to front teeth dug them into my knee and scraped down. I started sreaming and yelling so I ran inside, grabbed my cat and ran upstairs.
Story #74
Name: Brian
City and State: Grass Valley, Ca            Age: 14
The Story: Well I was walking along a trail and along comes a baby rattlesnake and it slides over my shoes and then rubs on my leg and then sits there for 5 minutes and then just goes along.
Story #75
Name: Taylor
City and State: Grass Valley, CA      Age: 12
The Story: My sister, my mom, and I were walking to our car. It was 12 o’clock and we were at our neighbors house. My sister was having trouble locking the door, so I decided to walk to the car, which wasn’t that far away. So I was walking and I turn the corner and in front of me is this medium size mountain lion! I was so freaked out! Then, it did this bone shivering growl, hiss thing. And that just put me off the edge! I know you aren’t supposed to run off screaming, but that is exactly what I did. I ran and we all got into the house all safe and sound! My dad came up to get us because we were so scared!
Story #76
Name: Etienette
City and State: Winnemucca,NV        Age:10
The Story: When I was 6 years old I went to the park. I saw some geese and luckly I brought some bird seeds.I gave some seeeds to this goose.Another goose saw me feeding his friend so he came…AND THEN IT CHASED ME ALL AROUND THE PARK!  After a little while I was laughing so hard that I had to go to the restroom! ha ha ha!  IT WAS SO SCARY!  NATURE IS COOL! (sometimes)
Story #77
Name: Cedar
City and State:   CA       Age: 8
The Story: One day in Montana my mom and dad were on top of the roof putting a solar panel on. I was in the car it was so loud. Then a big bear snuck up behind the car.Then it looked in the window at me then took off… that was it.          your friend  cedar from montana