Scholarship Winners for 2014

Congratulations! Casco Bay High School

Students Neil Kessler, Clare Kenny, and Lizzy Landry.   These 3 energetic lovers of the natural world have created an opportunit for fellow student who have not had much time outside to spend time and become much more comfortable with the outdoors.

Lizzy Landry sent this summary of what they are doing:

“Our vision for this project is to motivate young people in our community to spend more time outdoors and help them foster an appreciation for the natural environment. We intend to culminate this project with a week-long, overnight trip to Hurricane Island, off the coast of Rockland, Maine. We would like to give Casco Bay High School students, who may not normally have an outdoor opportunity such as this, the chance to immerse themselves in nature as well as challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone. We would like to give students a taste of what it is like to set up a campsite, sleep under the stars, cook their own food over a fire, completely separate themselves from technology, and immerse themselves completely in the natural world.

We are selecting roughly 12 students which will be broken down to a 4:1, student to teacher ratio, 5 teachers, 12 students. These will be the mentor groups for the week that will meet in the morning and evening and debrief about anything they are thinking about. This creates an opportunity for a strong, trusting, relationship to form between the student and teacher and if the student has any concerns about something, they can address them with their mentor directly and feel comfortable. “

The Casco High School group has returned from their Hurricaine Island experience.  What an admirable and successful jorney they are undertaking!

Photo_of_Casco_High_School_Kid_for_the_Wild_2014Below is the report Lizzy  sent the Kid for the Wild Scholarship committee after their return.

“I am so pleased to say that we had an incredible trip. The week we spent on Hurricane Island was amazing.

We had an unbelievable time and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.An overview of what happened:

In the morning we participated in service work until lunch. During this time we emphasized on giving back to the environment for everything the environment gives us. After service work, Neil, Clare, and I (Lizzy) ran mini-lessons on leadership, team development, navigational skills, and a two hour solo. We would close the evening with a final circle where people could talk about anything that was on their minds.

By the end of the week the group had come together as one. We were working together as a unit and were putting differences aside.
The students began to create a deeper trust amongst one another and developed a deeper passion for the outdoors.
The students explained that instead of being uncomfortable with the outdoors, they are now comfortable spending long periods of time in the outdoors.

Personally, this experience has hammered home knowing that I want to be an outdoor leader at some point in my life. Watching the group struggle, work through difficulties, and persevere in the end, brought such joy to my day. ”

Thank you for supporting this experience. It was an incredible journey.