Where Did Jim Walk

Left and below are images from Jim’s very first long hike on the Appalachain Trail!
Jim kept detailed notes each day of his long walks, but he never compiled a list of those walks.  We will try to recreate a list with the help of Appalachain Long Distnace Hikers Association records, Jim’s notebooks and my feeble memory!
1974 JIm On The AT

Appalachain Trail 1974

Ocean to Ocean Trail 1975-1976

Continental Divide Trail 1979

Great West Trail (A route Jim designed pre great West Trail he would have called the “Rainbow Trail”) took him through AZ, Utah, NV,  Idaho and many other states  1981-1983

Grand Canyon back to home in Big Sky (sent maps home in Idaho) 1986

Great Bob Trek 1987

Northern side of Grand Canyon from West to East 1988

New Mexico – Wyoming, high route 1989

Uinta Range 1989

 long circuts in Utah and Idaho several years

long circuits in Montana several years 1994,1995,2004,2005,2007,2008

 New Mexico- Arizona 1993 

long circuit in Nevada 1995, again in 2009 

Pacific Crest Trail 1996

Yellowstone to the Yukon 1997-2002 

arctic river trips 2003 and again in 2006


Jim On Ocean To Ocean Hike
This image is from the ocean to ocean journey Jim completed in 1975-1976.  Many weeks of planning and helping hands were the foundation for Jim’s journey. A few family members and friends joined along the way but much of this was solo.  Jim’s writings after this journey were never published, but maybe one day!