Wild Wind Foundation


 A Few Words  From Walkin’ Jim
 Dear Friends –

If you have found this site, you’re probably interested in long-distance hiking, wilderness music, wild country, or spending time out in the  backcountry. Over the years I’ve seen the battle to preserve America’s last wild places become more polarized, more politicized, and more critical. I’ve seen battles won, battles lost, and battles that were once won fought all over again. Those who want to despoil our natural environment never rest. If they can’t get at it one way, they try another.

The thing that frustrates me more than anything is that I know in my heart that if all the folks who use the backcountry would stand up for it, write letters, make phone calls, and vote for pro-environmental candidates we could make so much progress for the planet. We wouldn’t have to fight the same battles over and over.

It’s time to stop turning our backs on the Earth which sustains us. As Abbey says “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” Please take a few minutes to write a letter or make a call (e-mails don’t have as much impact with the leaders) to those who are making decisions effecting not just us humans, but all of the life we share this Earth with.

The folks in Congress do not know wilderness. They do not know the value of an unblemished skyline, or the sight of a grizzly bear galloping across a mountainside. They can’t grasp the importance of a spotted owl or for that matter a lowly prairie dog. They’ve never felt the power of the old growth forests or the silence of the Utah canyons. You need to tell them about these things. You must share your feelings about life and nature and how precious they are. Those who are making the decisions need to know.

We are starting to see a rising awareness of environmental problems. With the effects of global climate change slapping us in the face…it is about time!  Please take a few minutes and contact your leaders.  You can make a difference.  And you’ll feel better for it, too.

                                                                                      – Walkin’ Jim Stoltz