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Earth Day/Words to Ponder

From Leslie/Exhibit at Appalachian Trail Museum

2019 Recipients of Kid for the Wild Scholarship


Another trip around the sun and it’s Earth Day once again!

 “In nature, nothing exists alone.”
— Rachel Carson, 1962

Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. This year, 2019, the focus of Earth Day is disappearing species.

At this point in our lives we recognize how quickly changes occur. So often it feels as though nothing can improve.   Education and hope must thrive.  Change will continue, but with new ideas, and new energy, each person can make a difference.  So many young minds can turn the momentum of species disappearing to bringing back balance to the earth.  The experiences and education these youth receive can change this momentum and help bring new ways of thinking.

Take time to celebrate this planet we call home.



You will notice some changes to the Wild Wind Foundation/Walkin Jim website.  At the same time, the non-profit that Jim co-founded, Musicians United to Sustain the Environment, is transitioning as well.  The same material will be available, but we hope it will simplify your attempts to find the information you may be seeking. Stay tuned for new MUSE website.


Last year for the Earth Day newsletter we announced an exhibit at the Appalachian Trail Museum that features Jim.  That exhibit was delayed.  May 5 of this year the opening of this exhibit will be featured at the Museum.  The Museum is at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania.  Many from Jim’s family and some friends will be there to celebrate this honor.


Once again, some generous donations to the Kid for the Wild Scholarship made it possible for the fund to offer more scholarships this year.  2 of these scholarships are described below.



Thanks for all your support through the years.  Keep getting outside and “Follow your hearts.”  Leslie


2019 Recipients of the Kid for the Wild Scholarship

We are proud to announce the Kid for the Wild Scholarship awards this year go to the Four Winds Program in Vermont and to Carisa Cesarone of Montana.

For as long as Carisa Cesarone can remember she has dreamed of exploring a rainforest. She imagines exploring the Olympic Rainforest will be an awe inspiring experience. Having the opportunity to see these animals and experience an ecosystem so different than Montana’s will fuel her enthusiasm for nature and encourage her to pursue her passion in studying wildlife.  Carisa’s experience which will take her to that rainforest is Alpengirl’s Olympic Sea To Summit Adventure Camp.


*more about the scholarships can be found on the Walkinjim.com website

A second award went to a series of schools in SW Vermont to help bring the Four Winds Nature Institute volunteers to their schools.  This is a collection of natural science lessons designed to get children and adults outside learning together in every season. Children learn about nature by being in nature: observing the world around them, asking questions, and using all their senses to explore and investigate

Volunteers play a critical role here by giving children the time and space for these outdoor learning opportunities. In addition, each “grown up” who shares in the excitement of discovery is a wonderful role model, nurturing both a child’s sense of wonder and sense of place.

Like the little boy throwing the starfish back one at time in the ocean, we can each make a small difference, which is a big difference for that one starfish!


Be a Kid for the Wild!

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