Walkin’ Jim Stoltz ~ 1953 – 2010

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The 2020 Appalachian Trail Hall of Fame class honorees include Walkin’ Jim.

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz – Memorial Song Of The Soul

“A memorial Song of the Soul for Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, the great hiker and minstrel of the open places, who left us 9/3/2010. Jim’s passions and music are here guided by his wife, Leslie Stoltz, sister Susan Grace Stoltz, and long-time friend, Scott Carpenter.” – Northern Spirit Radio

University of Montana archives now have much of Walkin’ Jim’s writings and letters in their archives.

Read Jim’s “Searching For The Road Not Taken” from the MT archives.

May 5, 2019 Appalachian Trail Museum hosted an opening for the exhibit that features Walkin’ Jim.

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Jim's nieces and nephews visit the Walkin' Jim AT Museum Exhibit
Jim’s nieces and nephews visit the Walkin’ Jim AT Museum Exhibit

Walkin' Jim - Appalachian Trail Museum ExhibitWalkin’ Jim – Appalachian Trail Museum Exhibit

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