Walkin to the Rhythm

Over the course of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz’s 45-year career, he wrote countless songs, going on to record and release nine albums between 1984 and 2004. His timeless music captures the spirit of his time spent in wild places, inspired by places spanning from Arizona to Montana, from the Appalachian Trail to the Continental Divide. He spent many years traveling and performing his music, visiting many schools and captivating audiences of all ages with his music paired with his own wildlife photography.

Come Walk With Me  Watch Here

The award-winning video, filmed in the mountains of Montana, includes seven of Jim’s catchy kid songs, spectacular wildlife footage, beautiful wilderness scenery, and fun action with Jim and his favorite young friends. Come take a walk with Jim and the kids. This is a fun journey into the wild country and a great introduction to hiking and wilderness for the kids.

Forever Wild 2010A Celebration of Earth After many years of traveling wild places on foot, Walkin Jim Stoltz combined his music career with his walking career to create the show he toured with for over 25 years.  Jim brought Forever Wild to theaters, concert halls, churches and schools. His rich baritone voice captured an audience and carried them into those wild places he encouraged us all to protect.  Through his legacy of songs, stories, poems, books and art, Jim shares how we are all part of everything around us. Forever Wild 2010 is a film from Jim’s last concert tour. Jim had been diagnosed and treated for tonsillar cancer in 2008. He continued to tour and hike with his usual passion and determination. His voice is compromised but strong and full of hope.  Anyone who had the opportunity to see Jim perform came away feeling powerful and encouraged knowing that one person really can make a difference. 


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