Kid for the Wild Scholarship winner 2020

As many things in 2020 have gone, the announcement of a Scholarship comes later than usual.  It seemed this would be postponed to 2021 when young people could be out and about a bit more.  In the fall, a request came in from a family in Tanzania for help with tuition for their daughter to continue her schooling. She is in her last year of secondary school and has taken on a roll as “Naturalist leader” for her class. 

Hafsah Kindu on her way to school

As a naturalist leader, Hafsa Kundu has taken this on to work with fellow students in addressing major environmental issues such as ensuring safe, resilient, and sustainable communities, monitoring consumption and farming, combating climate change and preventing impacts from misusing resources.  In seeing these as values to be promoted into the future, a naturalist leader helps stimulate conversations about ideas such as finding ways to balance economy, ecological integrity and society.  Hafsa’s goal is to go on to Medical school when she finished secondary school.  These will be significant values she will take with her into this much needed profession.   Congratulations Hafsa.  We wish you great success from all of us and our donors at Kid for the Wild.

recycling paper
Growing their own food
stabilizing the bank with vegetation