Oh What A Life CD



 Circle of Life
 Just One Mosquito
 Oh, What A Life
 A Big Fat Man On An ATV
 Once In A While, You’ll Find A Friend
 Love You Like The Falling Rain
 The Food Chain Song
 The Appalachian Trail
 Wind Take Your Heart
 Follow Your Heart

“Oh, What A Life” was Jim’s seventh recording from 1997. It was recorded before a live audience at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana at a concert celebrating Jim’s 25th year of performing.  Below are some selected lyrics from each of the songs performed that night.

 Circle of Life

The wind takes a seed and away she blows
Where she stops no one knows.
Until shes bound to a little piece of ground
And the life within her growsIt’s a circle of life that we’re livin’
It’s a circle every which way.
There’s a lesson there for the givin’,
So go on and give it away.                                                       — from “Circle of Life”


Love You Like The Falling Rain 

‘And I love you like these mountains,
Always standing in my dreams
Each sunrise is calling out your name,
And I love you like the river sweepin’ toward the endless plain
I love you like the fallin’ rain, Love you like the fallin’ rain.

                                           — from “Love You Like the Falling Rain”


 Once In A While, You’ll Find A Friend

Once in a while, you’ll find a friend
Where the memories meet at the rainbow’s end,
Though life goes on, I’m glad for the thought
Of the gift you gave, and the peace you brought. 
                                     — from “Once In A While, You’ll Find A Friend” 

Just One Mosquito  

There was just one mosquito,
I’m sure you’d be happy to know.
And I’m really quite glad, You know , it wasn’t all that bad,
‘Cause there was just one mosquito. — from “Just One Mosquito”

Oh What A Life

There’s an old owl flyin’ free, he’s callin’ out to me.
What can I tell him as the big trees fall?
As he slips on through the cracks,I can’t turn my back
For his kind is our kind, and the writing’s on the wall.
If we could see this world through the eyes of those
Who keep sharing when there’s nothing left to give
If we could walk this land with respect for all
Oh, what a life we could live.                                                       — from “Oh What A Life”

The Food Chain Song

Yes, he’s a hiker man you can tell by his tan,
He’s carryin’ everything that his back can stand,
He’s a walkin’ page out of LL Bean,
And if you saw him in the woods, you’d know what I mean.
No one can replace him, no, no, none,
He’s a most special man because he carries a gun.

But then you think about the food chain,
And along comes a hungry grizz,
And chomp, chomp, chomp,
Gobble, gobble, gobble,
Gulp, gulp, gulp, he’s gone!

                                                      — from “The Food Chain Song”

 The Appalachian Trail

Down at Springer Mountain I learned a thing or two,
Just a greenhorn city boy, starting out brand new,
I’d been feeling disconnected, kind of lost along the way,
But the first step that I took, found me coming home that day.
The Appalachian Trail was where it all began,
That’s where this boy first learned, to call himself a man,
It was the wind that taught me how to spread my wings,
It was the path, that led me on to other things.                                               — from “The Appalachian Trail”

Wind Take Your Heart

They call me the walkin’ man, ’cause I get out when I can,
Out where ol’ Ma Nature’s singin’ free,
From the peaks to the desert sand,
I’ll wander cross this land,
If it’s wild, it’s all the same to me.
Listen to that mountain lion screaming,
Listen for that river’s solemn song,
Settle down in touch with the season,
Let the wind take your heart, and come along.                                                 — from “Wind Take Your Heart” 

Big Fat Man On An ATV   

Cause all the critters were runnin’, in panic they flee
That bat out of hell comin’ through the trees,
Me, oh my, what could it be.
It was a big fat man on an ATV!
                                             — from “Big Fat Man On An ATV”

 Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart, that’s where to begin,
Chase down those dreams, go a-dancin’ with the wind,
Listen to the love that you find along the way.
Let your light shine in, and sing your life away.
                                                     — from “Follow Your Heart”