Scholarship Winners 2022

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Kid for Wild Scholarships 2022

Sarah Morse from Medocino, CA

Sarah is curious and adventurous. She feels that one person and a simple action can change the world in a big way. Sarah is a leader in her classroom, but loves the natural world.  She shared a story.” I went backpacking a few years ago with my family in the Sierra Mountains. I had dirt all over my face by the last day of the trip. It felt really good not caring about how you look while doing spending time in nature. It made me feel really connected to the outdoors like I was a part of it.”

Sasha Yada from Sequim, WA

Sasha feels that Alpengirl summer camp can deepen her connection with nature and help her gain lots of knowledge. I am really looking forward to activities that are new to me, like sea kayaking, rock climbing, and wilderness camping.  “I will surely appreciate the great outdoors ability to naturally calm me down.  Earth, our home and our planet, is an amazing place built up by humankind and our creativity. Every day somebody can do an act that makes a difference. Not only can one person make a difference but everybody can.”    

Camp Habitat, located at Creamer’s Field Migratory Bird Refuge in Fairbanks, AK.    

Received the 3rd Scholarship this year to support 3 campers,  ages 8-11   The 2,200–acre Refuge has forests, fields and wetland habitat and provides ample chances to spot wildlife. The 300 acres of fields have a primary role in providing thousands of migratory birds a place to feed and rest each spring and fall. At Camp Habitat, campers learn about the natural history of Interior Alaska through engaging activities, games, hikes, projects, and guest speakers. They will explore the natural world through themes such as plants, animals, birds, fish, habitats, and people & the environment.      

This year, the scholarship fund also helps from Tanzania with their school fees:

Hafsah Kindu in her first year at a medical school she is in the College of health science Bugando 

As she was an environmental leader in high school. Hafsa has achieved so much by keeping the school environment clean and green and teaching others in the important of “keeping our continent green by doing an the right things.” The scholarship will help her to carry on doing good things at her college planting more trees and working together with colleagues to educate others on environmental protection, trash management and tree planting around lake Victoria .

Abigail Kindu in grade seven at Bahari school in Dar esalaam 

Abigail is a member of Tanzania youth scout which is known as centre of excellence for nature , environment and sustainability. The main goal is to educate the youth to protect the environment. The scholarship will help Abigail to travel to the areas of concern about huge environmental destruction especially a big hydro power project at Selous game reserve, where thousands of acres of natural forest  was cleared to allow the project to take over, such a huge destruction. This tour will help to get a first hand experience and later on share with the Tanzanian youth the important of conserving and protecting nature. There will be other ongoing scouts activities like cleaning the beach and help educate others not to litter the beach.