Scholarship Winners for 2016

News from “Kid for the Wild Scholarship/MUSE”  2016.

This Spring I had an amazing opportunity to visit Southwestern Africa including the country of Namibia.  We spent time at a non profit organzation whose focus what to bring resource conservation approaches to living through the youth.  NaDEET…

The Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET) is a non-profit, Namibian trust established in 2003. The NaDEET Centre is located 100 km south of Sesriem/Sossusvlei on the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the head office is located in the coastal city of Swakopmund. NaDEET believes environmental education must not only increase awareness and knowledge but also eco-friendly attitudes and skills in Namibia’s youth and educators to promote participation.

NaDEET Objectives

To provide environmental education for Namibians, regardless of income, by:

  • addressing relevant environmental issues through hands-on, experiential learning.
  • supporting the Namibian school curricula in a practical, learner-centred way.
  • providing the opportunity of experiencing the county’s namesake – the Namib Desert – first hand, thus creating a sense of respect and responsibility for their natural environment.
Students Solar Cooking Their Breakfast

From NaDEET:

We at NaDEET would like to thank “ A kid for the Wild” Scholarship fund for the very generous and unexpected donation.    It was lovely to have Leslie at our centre and to share our passion for both wild open spaces and the education of children with a like-minded soul.  I have taken a look at the walkinjim website and it is heart-warming to see what a difference one person can make.  Keep up your good work.  Perhaps in time our paths will cross again.

Both Sarah Baker and Kaisa sent terrific thank you notes …From Sarah:

Dear Stoltz Family and Kid for the Wild,I returned home from Alpengirl camp a few days ago feeling incredibly grateful.  I made new friends, saw breathtaking views and challenged myself every day.  I even won the Alpengirl of the session award!  I have never felt more confident, happy, strong and free.  I know that I grew as a person during camp and I will cherish my special memories forever.I cannot truly express how grateful I am that you greatly aided me and other lucky kids so that we could have these kinds of experiences.  Just by reading what is written about Mr. Jim Stoltz on the Walkin Jim website I can easily tell that he was filled with passion, love and kindness.  It makes me feel so proud that I received a scholarship in his name.  I hope to one day be able to share my passions with the world like he did.  He was clearly beloved.  Thanks you for carrying on his legacy and helping me to explore and further my love for the natural world.
– Sarah Baker

Kaisa had an amazing experince: as well…this summer has gone by so fast! I have had the best time, made many new friends, and memories. One of my favorite parts, of course, was my backpacking trip with OMSI.   This summer has gone by so fast! I have had the best time, made many new friends, and memories. One of my favorite parts, of course, was my backpacking trip with OMSI.

May 2016

This year we had some very impressive applications for the KW scholarship.  Choosing recipients was a challenging process.  It’s so encouraging to imagine these applicants moving forward in their lives with values that hold the natural world high in what is important in their lives.

Mary Sellers Shockley is from Bozeman, Montana.  She has won awards for her core values, which are kindness, generosity and positivity.
As a peer mediator in her school she has interaction and influence with her fellow students.  She came to Montana 3 years ago with her parents and has had the opportunity to realize how important the natural world is for her and feels as though she is an active caretaker of this planet.  She is involved in numerous community actions.  This summer she will participate in an Alpen Girls program for 2 weeks in the Columbia River, Cascades and Cost of Oregon regions.

Sarah Baker is from Saint Louis MO. She is extraordinarily involved with community organizations that focus on people in need.  She plays music and feels a connection with the outside world as it helps bring inner peace in a stressful world.  She has been a vegetarian since 2nd grade because of her connection with animals.  Her time outside overlaps with her spiritual connections and she wants to share those links with others to make an impact. Her Alpen Girls program will take place in the North Cascades this summer.

Kaisa Liljenwall is from Astoria Oregon.  She has been involved with dance, and other sports in school.  To Kaisa, nature is the world’s beauty.  Nature is not just beautiful visually, but it’s beautiful in the way it penetrates the whole person.  It is pure and elegant, but also challenging.  It is everywhere.  Being outside teaches us so many lessons about beauty and that one individual is significant and can make a difference.  Kaisa reminds us that it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; taking something into our own hands can make this world a better place.  Together, many people can make a big difference. Kaisa will do a 5 day backpacking camp in the Three Sisters Wilderness with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Congratulations to all of you and we look forward to hearing about your experiences.