Scholarship Winners for 2019

We are proud to announce the Kid for the Wild Scholarship awards this year go to the Four Winds Program in Vermont and to Carisa Cesarone of Montana.

For as long as Carisa Cesarone can remember she has dreamed of exploring a rainforest. She imagines exploring the Olympic Rainforest will be an awe inspiring experience. Having the opportunity to see these animals and experience an ecosystem so different than Montana’s will fuel her enthusiasm for nature and encourage me to pursue my passion in studying wildlife.  Her experience which will take her to that rainforest is Alpengirl’s Olympic Sea To Summit Adventure Camp.

Carisa believes that a single person can make the world a better place for all its inhabitants, human and animal. Jane Goodall is a prime example of this.  Carisa admires this woman, who, with only a secretary’s training, has helped thousands of animals and hundreds of children. Along with Daphne Sheldrick, she has been an inspiration to Carisa and she strives to follow in her footprints.

You may not think you’re changing the world if you just help one person or animal but simply helping a stray dog or cat, volunteering for a cause you believe in, or saying hello to a stranger could impact that could change their lives.


Another award went to a series of schools in SW Vermont to help bring the Four Winds Nature Institute volunteers to their schools.  This is a collection of natural science lessons designed to get children and adults outside learning together in every season. Children learn about nature by being in nature: observing the world around them, asking questions, and using all their senses to explore and investigate.

Volunteers play a critical role here by giving children the time and space for these outdoor learning opportunities. In addition, each “grown up” who shares in the excitement of discovery is a wonderful role model, nurturing both a child’s sense of wonder and sense of place.

Like the little boy throwing the starfish back one at time in the ocean, we can each make a small difference, which is a big difference for that one starfish!