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Best Wishes for the Holidays
Annoucing a DVD of Jim’s last concert… ”Forever Wild 2010; A Celebration of Earth”

Best Wishes for the Holidays

From the office of Wild Wind Foundation we want to send you our most sincere thanks and appreciation of your interest in continuing to support the music and art of Walkin Jim and the Kid for the Wild Scholarship Fund.

As we approach the winter solstice, the darkest days of the year, we are reminded how we are comforted and energized by light.

It’s no wonder that the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, Kwanzaa candelabrum and the flame of the menorah all bring the comfort of light.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season that offers opportunitiy for quiet times with loved ones and the joy of celebrating our blessings.

“Forever Wild, 2010, A Celebration”.  A DVD showing Jim’s last concert celebrating Wild Country

Walkin Jim toured over 25 years with his “Forever Wild” performance. “Forever Wild” is Jim’s music and tales, photographs and love of wild country.   Forever Wild  is a passionate tribute to the Wild Places that support us and the lives of other creatures with whom we share this planet.

Those places continue to support the ecological health of this planet that WE, as humans, need to survive as a species. This show is a celebration of beauty and hope.
Jim’s music and images tell us stories, enlighten and empower, lift our spirits and make us laugh.

Jim’s “Forever Wild” show was sponsored by the Sierra Club on the Gonzaga University campus in Spokane, Washington March 7, 2010.  This show, one of Jim’s last before his death, was captured with a HD camera.    This is Jim, doing what he did, bringing us along on his journeys through the wild country. Although, at the time of this show, his rich baritone voice was worn from the cancer treatment,  Jim sings strong and straight from the heart–the “heart of this wild land.”  Jim’s stories, songs, and stunning wilderness photographs in this DVD bring “Forever Wild” into our lives and hearts.
After the business of the holiday season, and life slows down a bit, “Forever Wild 2010, A Celebration” will become available.

You’ll receive another newsletter to remind you when it can be purchased. Look forward to this after Jan 10, 2016.

Happy Solstice and Happy Trails,    Leslie

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