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  • Announcing a very special DVD: Forever Wild 2010, A Celebration of Earth
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Forever Wild 2010 DVD
Announcing a very special DVD…
Now available:  Forever Wild  2010, A Celebration of Earth

We are excited to announce to you, friends and supporters of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz and Wild Wind Foundation, the release of

Forever Wild 2010

After years of effort and commitment from a few individuals, this live, HD format footage from Jim’s last concert tour is available.  This recording is from the May 7, 2010 show in Spokane, Washington. This DVD is no ordinary concert film.  On the disk there are 16 songs, some with Jim’s breathtaking photographs, and some without the images.

These are simply Jim singing and telling his stories. You will remember his unique life, his joy and dedication to wild places. We hope you will enjoy this extraordinary opportunity to experience Jim’s inspirational and entertaining performance once again.

Forever Wild 2010 can be purchased through the Wild Wind Foundation website for $16.00 plus $3.00 shipping for a total of $19.00.

To order by mail, send a check or money order to:

Wild Wind Foundation
PO B 160477
Big Sky, MT 59716

We ask that you spread the word among your friends and family.  All sales from this DVD will go to Wild Wind Foundation and the Kid for the Wild Scholarship.

Thanks to all of you.

 Words to ponder:

If we could see this world through the eyes of those
who keep sharing when there’s nothing left to give
if we could walk this land with respect for all
Oh, what a life we could live.

Walkin Jim Stoltz

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PO Box 160477
Big Sky, Montana 59716

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