Wild Wind Newsletter – April 2017


  • “Of Knowledge”, a poem by Walkin Jim
  • Kid for the Wild Scholarship
  • Words to Ponder


Of Knowledge

Knowledge, born of feeling
A circle of sense
Words Have no lesson half as strong
as a mountain Mile
Feeling through
that extra sense
The heart,
Earth sings clear
if we Listen with more than our ears.
Season shares secrets
if we open more than our eyes,
Self finds the Way
if we listen and feel it
rather than think.

Knowledge roots within
Webbed strands;
Ties to all
Earth sings to season
Season shares the way
And self finds Earth
Again and again

Walkin Jim Stoltz

From Leslie

Greetings to all from snowy Montana.  The new spring buds have a dusting of snow and they will have to stay hardy to survive the cold.  They always have and my guess is this year will be no different.  Maybe that’s a metaphor for the difficult times we experience.  The possibility of sunshine is always there.  My hope is our budding youth can survive what seems like struggles to us and help direct us and our world to a bright future.  So we continue our motto:
“Be a Kid for the Wild”!


Kid for the Wild Scholarship

We had some terrific applicants this year and it was difficult to narrow the number of recipients down.  Below is a list of the scholarships awarded this year.

  • NaDEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust)… Registered in Namibia as a non-profit trust, NaDEET is a vibrant environmental education organization. At the core of NaDEET’s programs is an environmental education center located on the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Children and adult participants learn first-hand about sustainable living, biodiversity and the balance between humans and the environment. Environmental literacy and outreach programs complement the Centre’s activities and expand its reach nationwide
  • Giant Junior School….Originally started by Peace Corps in Kyanbura village on the boundary with Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda). Historically conflicts between locals and wildlife encouraged generations of poaching.  The opportunity to educate and employ locals inspired this school and community involvement.  Locals were employed as Park Rangers and kids have an  opportunity for education and involved in conservation and wildlife clubs.  Now, through private donations this school continues to educate local youths and encourage community involvement in this education.
  • Alpen Girls..offers and exciting opportunity to make lasting friendships, camp in tents or under the stars, cook and eat good camp cuisine, enjoy daily yoga and relaxation, challenge themselves physically and mentally, fuel  enthusiasm for wild and scenic places and to experience a larger worldAlpengirls are expected to display acts of human kindness and develop and appreciation of individual differences.  There is a huge diversity in the type of people encountered at the camp.  Some will have similar lives outside of camp and others will have very different lives.  Camp can open  eyes to new ways of thinking, to new cultures and to new ways of being.  Alpengirls have open minds and open hearts.
  • Sarah Baker and Meredith Maxwell are both attending an Alpen Girls camp this summer with the aid of a Kid for the Wild Scholarship

  •  Traveling School…The Traveling School offers teenage girls ages 15-18 the opportunity to explore the world and learn about themselves through academic, physical and cultural challenges.  Sixteen motivated young women and four inspiring teachers travel to a unique region of the globe for 15 weeks.  Students earn full credit, immerse in new cultures and develop outdoor skills.  They build so much confidence during this transformational semester.
  • Ruby Loffelholz will be with the Traveling School this fall semester with the aid of a Kid for the Wild scholarship

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the Kid for the Wild Scholarship Fund

If you would like to donate to the Kid for the Wild Scholarship Fund, know that it is a 501c3 non- profit, tax deductible donation.  You will support the opportunity for a youth to experience the natural world in an intimate way.

Donations can go to:

Wild Wind Foundation/Kid for the Wild
PO B 160477
Big Sky, MT 59716

 Words to ponder:

“The earth speaks to us, if we take the time to listen.”

and many others

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home…”
Gary Snyder

Wild Wind Foundation, LLC
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Email:  info@wildwindfoundation.com
Please also visit the website for Musicians United to Sustain the Environment:  www.environmentalmusic.org

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