A Note From Jim:  The wild country of Nevada has inspired many of my songs.  “Forever Wild” was written there. The mountain ranges each have their own feel, their own special character, from alpine ridges to aspen groves tucked in their hidden canyons.  And I love the vast, wide open desert valleys that lie between the ranges. Here, a human can feel like an ant crossing those incredible basins.  My routine is to hike into the desert valley in the evening, get into the middle and spend the night, then hike into the next range in the morning.  Spreading my sleeping bag out on the valley floor is exciting because the stars in Nevada come all the way down to the horizon to the north and south. I can’t wait to go back.  – WJS

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Evening on the crest of the Toiyabe Toiyabe Crest TrailFrom the crest of the Shoshone Range
The open desert valleys between the mountain ranges stretch forever. From the Toquima Range atop Mount Jefferson Looking toward the next range and the desert-walking below. Old growth mountain mahogany on the crest of the Shoshone Range

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