Welcome to the Wild Wind Spring 2023

Greetings to all of you who are reading this and thanks for following news of Wild Wind all these years. The website has a whole new look, thanks to some of Jim’s family who have come on board with MUSE. MUSE had a short period of time as Listen to Earth, and now will land as Wild Wind….finally in the place Jim referenced so often in his writing and songs!

This is a photo by Tony Esposito, who, with his wife, traveled with me in Yellowstone.
I include this photo because I know Jim’s spirit continues whenever I see an Eagle fly overhead.

All of us have been touched somehow by the changes in our social, global and environmental systems. Unprecedented in many ways, but some patterns can be found. History does repeat itself, although since humankind has existed, we have not seen the climate changes we experience now happen so quickly. We must find some hope. Maybe technology, maybe natural systems will outwit us, but we believe hope is in the future of humanity. Minds of our youth are striving for survival and have found many ways of collaborating toward a sustainable future. Our mission is to help grow the love of wild places by helping youth connect with these environments in a more intimate way. After Jim’s death, the Kid for the Wild Scholarship was established.

Walkin Jim on the Appalachian Trail 1974
Hope….and perseverance

Spring 2023 Kid for the Wild recipients

Now, 12 years later, I want to share with you this year’s scholarship recipients.

Abigail and Elizabeth Summers from Manhattan, Montana have been chosen for one award. They are both volunteers at their community garden and excited about learning and experiencing more of the natural world.

The second scholarship will go to Marley Schack of Big Sky, Montana.

You can read more about these recipients in the Kid for the Wild Scholarship page.

Sandhill Cranes and Colts (young)

Thanks to all of you who have donated to this scholarship fund through the years. We get news, occasionally, of the lives these young people have pursued, and yes, hope is real. Hang on to it.

Here’s to Wild Lives and Wild Places,

Leslie and the Wild Wind Board
Randi Lyn Stoltz
Mark Stoltz
Jessica Krueger
James Krueger
Sarah Krueger Craft

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