Kid for the Wild Animal Stories

In every school Walkin’ Jim visits he shares his stories of his encounters with America’s wildlife. He also gets to hear the kid’s wonderful stories of their own experiences with wildlife. Walkin’ Jim invites you to share your own true wild animal stories here. Please tell us in your own words where you were, what happened, what kind of animal, and how you felt about it. We’ll post it on this page and share it with everyone.

Please…only send us true stories of things that have happened with you and wild animals. Thank you.

Email your story to…

Story #1
Name: Gabby H.
City & State:  Dublin, Ohio      Age: 8
The Story: Once me and my brother were in the woods with are to dogs and one of them started barking we ternd back and we sall a wolf we were very scard.The End

Story #2
Name: Anna H.
City and State: State College, Pennsylvania     Age: 9
The Story: One day I was asleep and my cat went in the garage. She must of found a mouse and was tracking it down.Finally,she got it. Butterfly(my cat) brought it in and gave it to my dad. He was a little bit startled. He threw it outside and Butterfly was mad at him for a long time!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Story #3
Name: Aidan T.-B.
City and State: state college pa     Age: 9
The Story:  One time when me and my family were camping in Kouchibouguac National Park in Canada we made this strange food called bannock we left it out side next to the fire to warm it up so we go to sleep at about 3AM we get whoken up by this scraching noise we cheked it out there was a raccon eating are food.

Story #4
Name: Kourtney B.
City and State: Rebursburg,PA     Age: 9
The Story: One day me and my dad were in our car going to the bank.I turned and looked back behind on the side of the road and there lays a big red scary fox. It started to walk a little bit and then for some reason it collapsed down and there it would stay. It was weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for reading my story and i look forward to read other peoples.

Story #5
Name: Robin S.
City and State: State College, PA    Age: 9 years old
The Story: One time I saw a wild white robin. I think it’s wing was injured .  I also saw a morning dove. with it’s shoulder wasn’t conected to it’s neck. I also saw a baby bird.

Story #6
Name: Megan
City and State: State College, PA         Age: 9
The Story: Every summer my grandma and grandpa takes us camping. So in 2007 I was feeding chipmunks when one came so close I could touch it [but I didn’t].

Story #7
Name: Brielle C.
City and State: State College,PA    Age: 10
The Story: Once on the way to school I saw a baby bear on the hill. It was so cute and it was just looking at the cars.

Story #8
Name: Joanne L.
City and State: Port Matilda, Pennsylvania        Age: 10
The Story: I was in the woods in my backyard, just exploring to have fun and a breath of fresh air.Then I heard a crunching noise a few feet away from me. I looked where the sound came from but there was nothing, just a large bush and a few trees behind it. So I went on but the noise kept growing louder and louder. It got so loud it sounded as if whatever was making it was in my hands. Then a huge BOUND! bounced out of the bush and I was so scared I ran. And when I turned to see what it was, it was a fierce, bloodthirsty…….chipmunk??? The chipmunk had other friends with him. I felt so relieved that it wasn’t a bear and also quite silly. That experience was so scary for me but also quite funny!!! Thanks for reading!

Story #9
Name: Adam M.
City and State: State College, PA                  Age: 9
The Story: One sunny day my dad and I were taking a hike. While we were walking my dad said he heard something but I said it was probably another person hiking. Later we saw a grizzly bear. My dad and me were SCARED!!all it did though was charge at us it never attacked us I was CONFUSED. I always thought grizzly bears attacked us. So my dad and me didn’t want the bear to hurt us.So we got OUT OF THERE as fast as we could. So now my  dad and I only hike around the area we hiked that one day.

Story #10
Name: Lauren M.
City and State: Port Matilda, PA      Age: 10
The Story: I just moved here from Maine and the whole time we lived there we always saw chipmunks. We named them Chip! We even knew where his holes were in the ground. Sometimes in the fall I gathered acorns for it and put the acorns next to his holes! Now that we have moved here, a chipmunk still comes on to our deck!

Story #11
Name: Colton S.
City and State: Port Matilda, PA          Age: 9
The Story: One day,we went on vacation and when we came home we saw,a giant scary SNAKE. 

Story #12
Name: Avery C.
City and State: State College P.A.            Age: 10
The Story: In my old house, we lived in the woods. Every night a black bear came in our back yard and ate our neighbors bird food and went to the bathroom in our yard!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was kind of gross. And I was in my yard later at night ,I heard a noise and I looked back and saw the bear right behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and ran inside and said” I will never go out there again” But I did.  

Story #13
Name: Jackson N.
City and State: State Collage PA         Age: 9
The Story: One day, me and my brother were walking to school and we saw a deer run very fast to the other side of the street.We were very suprised. It was a white tailed deer!

Story #14
Name: Adam M.
City and State: Pennsylvania,State College    Age: 9
The Story: My story begins on July 1  2008 this was before I moved we lived near a pond. We put out the trash and when I was sleeping racoons came.They saw the trash and ripped through it. When I woke up the trash was everywhere but luckly my dad blamed my cat.So when the racoons came back again and again I never got in trouble for it.

Story #15
Name: Jair C.
City and State: Portmatilda,PA    Age: 10
The Story: I saw a turkey stuck on a wire when I was on a 4wealer in the woods. So me and my dad let him go free.

Story #16
Name: Ryan R.
City and State: state college,pa      Age: 9
The Story: My story begins on a hot july 12th my family and I took hike.When we were walking we saw a bird that was bright yellow and a little bit of blue. We tried to get a closer look,but it flew away.

Story #17
Name: Alexis F
City and State: State College P.A.     Age: 9
The Story: One day i was at recess and I was playing with my friends in the woods when all of a sudden a snake that we named Fredrick popped out at us. We were scared and ran away. Finally we went back in the woods. Fredrick happened to still be there,but this time we weren’t as scared as before. That is my story about Fredrick.

Story #18
Name: Jenifer
City and State: Stata College PA       Age: 10
The Story: Today I saw a deer when I was riding on the bus to school.  There were two deer in the grass on the side of the road.  They ran back into the woods when they saw the bus coming.  I was happy because I got to see the deer and because they got safely back into the woods.

Story #19
Name: lane B.
City and State: State Collage,PA     Age: 10
The Story: One day I was hunting with my Pap we saw some deer. There were about 7 buck and 6 doe but we were hunting turkey so we couldn’t hunt them. We saw a lot of tracks in the mud.

Story #20
Name: Erika L.
City and State: P.A         Age: 9
The Story: One day I was at my grandparents’ house and we were having a camp fire.  I saw a bear so I ran in the house as fast as I could. I was so scared that my heart was beating very fast so I asked my mimi to come in so I wasn’t scared any more. I was glad the bear was o. k and I was o.k It was nice talking to you.Bye.From Erika L

Story #21
Name: Ryan R.
City and State: State college,pa       Age: 9
The Story: One sunny day while I was riding my bike I saw a buck with huge antlers. Then I saw the doe and the fawn. I tried to get closer,but they ran away because the buck smelled a fox.

Story #22
Name: Cole S
City and State:  State College,PA         Age: 9
The Story:  My family and I went on a walk and we saw a dead snake and we freaked out. Once we got home we all laughed about it.

Story #23
Name: Liam S.
City and State: State College, PA     Age: 10
The Story: One day my friend,his sister, his dad,and I went on a hike. Then my friend and I ran ahead. When we were almost back we heard a bear roar so we ran back to the car and waited for his dad and sister to come back. It was cool that we heard a bear. THE END

Story #24
Name:  Tucker N.
City and State: State College,PA          Age: 10
The Story: One night while my mom and I were driving home out of nowhere there were about 6 cows just standing there in the road it took about 6 honks to get them out of the road!

Story #25
Name: Megan B.
City and State:  Baker, Nevada            Age: 8
The Story: One day me,my dad and Kayli were taking a walk in our medow with my goats. We were walking in tunuls animals made then we herd coyotes howlling

Story #26
Name: Naomi
City and State: Winnemucca, Nevada      Age: 7
The Story:  Once,I went to this place… was called……….. a RIVER!And u know what? Of course u dont. I’ll tell u!!!!!!!!!!! When i was at that river…and my cot a fish. And put in the bucket. I went to pick it up and it wiggled and wiggled………AND………..! It went through my sleeve. It was really funny! BYE!

Story #27
Name: Bobby N.
City and State: Franklin, North Carolina              Age: 10 
The Story: Late in the night when i was at my dads house we started hears gun shots a screaming. I was by the window and i could hear them so walked away from the window.When my did heard them he got his gun out. I told him not to shoot anything and he promised. When my dad looked on our porch on the moutain beside us there was a cub just sitting there staring. I thiught it was so cute. When we went upstairs to get a better view it walked away.That was the first time i ever saw a bear.

Story #28
Name:  JJ
City and State:  Hot Springs, North Carolina                 Age: 10
The Story: once i went to the barn and found a rattle snake and I thought it was ten feet long and there was another snake.

Story #29
Name: Christa Lynn G.
City and State: Hot Springs, North Carolina           Age: 10
The Story: One time i got a chance to make a AT walk today is Friday 6 2009 and i am at school and we are going on a AT walk any way about the chance to make a at walk on the AT what i saw on the AT was so PRETTY! i loved it was a BIG BLACK MOUTIN LION it was so BIG! i loved having a chance to walk the AT and i got to see an MOUTIN LION so thanks for lising to my animal story hope you have a fun time walkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story #30
Name: Desiree
City and State:  Asheville  N,C           Age:  9
The Story: me and my mamaw were walking at charles d owen park. I was walking ahead of her. I liked walking down the paths. When I got to 1 of the last trails when I was getting ready 2 go down it but then I saw a…log??Wait it was not  a log but a BEAR!!  THEN i saw 2 cubs with her. I watched terrerfied. Then she looked at me!! As soon as she did I turned away and ran!!!!!!!  the end.

 P.S walking Jim have u ever herd of Peter Jenkins the man that walked across America and china?? Well any wase I love nature. I love watching and listening 2  nature. ecsept the lowsy birds that make all those anoing noises. thank u 4 reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story #31
Name: Madison B.
City and State: Salam,VA    Age: 10
The Story: Animals are amazing creatures! Some people don’t like animals….But I love them! Once I saw a rabbit in the woods. I was sooooooo close to it I was 2 feet away! So to not scare it away I started singing…Very softly and quiet. Oh yeah before I forget there was this catbird. I didn’t see it but my mom did in our backyard. So anyway there was a redtail hawk just watching it and then….BAM! The hawk swooped down and picked up the bird with it’s talons…   Feathers went every where! My mom’s jaw was just hanging down. But as for the catbird……..It did not survive. But as for mom…It was incredible! But poor birdy! THE END!

Story #32
 Name: Ashley Z.
City and State: Salem VA          Age: 8
The Story: one time I was asleep and hudson ( my dog ) was howling. It must of been a bear or a coyoti or a wolf. I`m used to thows. Then the next morning a chickmunck got in our house. We chased it. My dad cotit. He threw it out te door. the end.

Story #33
Name: Whitney C.
City and State: Fairfield, VA    Age: 9
The Story: Once when I was at my Nana’s house my brother and I scattered corn up on the hill behind her house.  Later that day some turkeys came to eat the corn.  Then my silly brother wanted to shoot one but my Nana wouldn’t let him.

Story #34
Name: Baylei A.
City and State: Goshen, VA       Age: 8
The Story: One  day  I  went  camping  and  I  was  5 feet  away from  a  bear.  My  mom  Trisha  told  me  to  run  but  I  told my  mom  that  I  should not  move  but  she  made  me .

Story #35
Name: Tori R.
City and State: Purcellvile, VA    Age: 12
The Story: Story #1: One day when we were at our house that was getting built I saw this strange creature in our back yard. My sister and I started filming this creature as it was pouncing at something in the field. We noticed that it was a coyote!
Story #2: One day I was outside enjoying nature until my dog starting doing this weird dance (he was pouncing at something). My mom and I went to see what it was. We saw in the tall grass a baby…COPPPER HEAD! Well we think it was! (Note: when snakes have trianglur shaped heads WARNING STAY AWAY!But if the head is circula its ok) Whether or not it was we still had to get it away from my 2 dogs so we moved it to a near by field so it can chow down on some mice! YUM! ~Tori

Story #36
Name: Kenna G.
City and State: Wytheville, VA           Age: 10
The Story: Granddaddy, Grandma and me were at their house and we saw this baby bird and i helped it and we cared for it and all of that….and my grandma loved it so much then it died,and like 5 months later my grandma died. And this is for her..i love you.And my school is Spiller.. you came and we had i very good time thank you.hope you like my story.

Story #37
Name: Caitlin
City and State: Gettysburg, PA   Age: 12
The Story: Me and my cousin came out of my grandfathers barn and we were racing down to the house to get a drink and i suddenly stopped when i saw a black snake. so i backed up and told him to go back up to the barn, then i ran around the snake to the house and told my Grandfather, he took a shovel and carefully moved the snake so we could go back to playing.

Story #38
Name: Kirsten H.
City and State:  Waynesboro, PA      Age: MiddleSchool
The Story: A mother fox was walking though a valley we were taking a stroll in. She had about six babies. Well when she saw us she came up to us with her babies trotting close behinde and she came pretty close. She stared at us awhile, and her babies were so cute they were wrestling with each other. It was a cool experience. Also I want to say thank you for such a cool assembly i enjoyed it.

Story #39
Name:  Ty G.
City and State: Maine              Age: 14
The Story:  Well, this story will probably be the most interesting and scary storie you have ever heard Jim.  Me and my brother,Beachler (he’s only 9), went for a hike.  We were going to camp out in the woods so we had on big packs with all our stuff.  Well, everything was going fine and we made a small fire to cook some eggs and sausage on with the pan I brought for dinner (we were having breakfast for dinner obviously).  Well,lets just say I should not have brought the sauasage…. *At mabye 1:00 in the morning, i woke up from a russling noise.  I got up out and walked out of my tent to see what it was.  Guess what it was….a BEAR!!  I guess I made too much noice because the bear turned and saw me.  It didn’t do anything (and neither did I because I was so scared I couldn’t move), for about 15 seconds.  Then it stood up on it’s back legs and RAWRED EXTREMELY loud!  Well that woke up my brother. He came out of the tent and saw ther bear…and he froze too.  The bear then walked
over near us and started sniffing us.  I looked around and found a large stick on the ground.  When the bear went over to sniff Beachler, I quickly grabbed the stick and wacked the bear right on the back of it’s head.  It growled loudly and turned to me.  Then he stood up again and took a swipe at me with his front paw!  Luckily, i dodged the attack.  Then he turned towards my brother and I wacked him hard again.  This time he fell over.  I grabbed my brother and we ran.  I heard the bear get up and start chasing us.  We ran through the dark as fast as we could, heading back towards our house.  But the bear was too fast for us…  He nocked my brother over, and was about to whack him with his claws but i hit the bear.  Well i guess i hit the bear in the right place because he got nocked out.  Me and my brother just took off again and made it back to our house.  Our parents were frightened when we entered since it was 1:15 AM. ****That is my Animal Story********#####THE END###

Story #40
Name: Dylan A.
City and State: Goshen, Virginia               Age: 4
The Story: This story was typed by Dylan’s sister Baylei because once he saw she was putting a story on he wanted to tell his story. One night we let our dog Caddy out to potty and he started scratching on the deck so my mom went out with a flashlight to look around. Under the deck there was a blonde colored bunny so we put water and carrots under there and the bunny stayed, but on the 3rd day he left and we thought it had gone on it’s way…..that evening the bunny came hopping up to us like it knew us and wanted to be our pet so we got it a rabbit pen and to this day we can let Diamond Hopper Alphin go when we are outside and she will just hop around the house and go to her pen when she is ready to get back in. 

Story #41
Name: John D.
City and State: Carlisle, PA    Age: 7
The Story: I was in my back yard and my dad told me that a fox was there too. So I ran into the attic where my dad was and I was safe.Then we watched the fox run away.(We named the fox. It was Red hot.)

Story #42
Name: Michael B.
City and State: Hot Springs, NC    Age: 11
The Story: Dear Walkin Jim,I had a pet squirrel for only one day and then he or she (bubbles) died. he was a good pet but he or she bit me on my finger and I did not care because I liked him but it hurt. I think he or she liked me because when he or she started to cry I would go to my room and pet him or her. And that is the night that he or she died.  sincerely, michael 

Story #43
Name: Drew  N.
City and State: Carlisle PA         Age: 9
The Story: Tanner and my dad were walking threw the woods colecting leaves. So I was walking threw the woods I looked where I steped. I thought it was snake skin so I ran and told my dad. He grabed a stick and I showed him where I saw it.  At the first poke the snake raised it’s head and started to hiss at dad.  Dad told tanner and I to step backso we did. The blackrat snake started to strike at dad.  The other snake just stayed curled up.  Dad droped the stick we all ran to the truck.  We got in the truck we drove to where I saw the snake.  Dad got out and got a piture but the blackrat snake wasn’t there. I am looking forward to raeding other storys.

Story #44
Name: Joshua M.
City and State: Boling springs, PA        Age: 7
The Story: Once me and my dad was fishing and there was a muscrat in the water then the muscrat ate my dads bate and his line snapped his bober went everything broke .the end

Story #45
Name: Mychaela
City and State: PA      Age: 7
The Story: One time my grandad almost got bit by a water snake and we got scared. we ran! It was funny after a bit.

Story #46
Name: Maggie
City and State: PA      Age: 8
The Story: One day I was in my corn feld and I was seven. I saw 3 squirrels in a tree staring at me and it was scary. THE END.

Story #47
Name: Kenleigh
City and State: PA       Age: 8
The Story: One day I was outside playing and my brother was running around a tree and then a ground hog started to hiss at him because her babies were right behind her. THE END

Story #48
Name: Hayley L.
City and State: Lee, Massachusettes         Age: 12
The Story: One time i was hiking monument mountain in great barrington massachusettes with my old neighbor and her parents and half way along the trip i thought i saw a rubber snake on the ground like the ones you get at a dollar store, well i looked at it and its tounge slipped out and went back in so i scream because i am a little shocked it was real… my friends dad looks at it and goes to pick it up… she was a mother and she had seven babies with her so we just stand there and pick up the snakes and all… then we put them back into their habatat and move on with our hike and enjoy the rest of the nature.

Story #49
Name: Asia W.
City and State: Carlisle, PA      Age: 9
The Story: One day when my friend Hunter and I went out to the woods we saw two white tail deer run about twenty feet in front of us. At another time we saw a garder snake near his house so we went to his garage and got his snake catcher and put him on it.

Story #50
Name: Natalia W.
City and State: Pittsfield, MA   Age: twelve
The Story: It was a normal morning for my dad and myself,waiting for the bus to come. My dad started to stare to the right. He pointed to the area he was staring at. He asked me if it was a lost dog, or a fox. It started to trot to where we were waiting. It was a healthy fox. It jumped over a stone wall, and trotted across a field. The fox was coming strait at us. perhaps 50 feet away or so. The fox for sure saw us, and knew it’s surroundings well. It of course came closer, and closer. And of course at that moment the bus came. Great. As it was coming strait at us I started to open the door to my dads truck, his arm slammed against my chest, warning me not to go yet. The fox was so close now, it slowly turned to hit into the forest again, but still stared at us. My dad finally let me go. My whole bus crowd of kids, and the bus driver just stared. I don’t think i would, or could ever be embarrassed at that time in my life.

Story #51
Name: Autumn K.
City and State: Mt. Holly, PA       Age: 8
The Story: My animal story is actully kind of funny so here it is…one day I was sitting on the hill in my frontyard and I thought I heard an animal gobble somethinng down. I started screaming like a two year old in a horror movie. I turned around and guess what I 2 hamsters Ramie and Lucy.I guess they somehow got out of their cage and were sharing cheese. But by now they were running because I screamed. I caught Lucy and since Ramie and Lucy are best friends Ramie got in my other hand. I petted them and told them I was sorry then I picked up their cheese and walked inside.

Story #52
Name: Ashlyn Y.
City and State: PA          Age: 7
The Story: One night I was getting a bedtime snack and I looked out my window and I saw sheep in my backyard. One was looking through a bush. I bent down and crawed on the floor and I was scared. I had fun learning about you.  The End

Story #53
Name: Laura B.
City and State: Vernon, NJ    Age: 11
The Story: This happened a while ago, but i remember it like it was yesterday!!! I was in my backyard swinging backwards I was facing the moutain (THATS BEHIND MY HOUSE) and i heard a rustling in the leaves. This scared me because i was a little kid but two seconds later i see something black slither through the rocks…it was a HUGE SNAKE!!

Story #54
Name: Kody
City and State: Boiling Springs, PA             Age:8
The Story: When we were dropping my brother off at college there was a squirrel throwing nuts at my mom and me. Every time we walked under the tree he tried to hit us with a nut.  It was funny but we were a little scared and we had to run for our car!

Story #55
Name: Isabella and Olivia B.
City and State: Woodstock,Vermont   Age: 11
The Story: Once I was at my mom’s friends house for a party. My sister and I were exploring her huge backyard. There was an old swimming pool filled with heavy stones. And guess what! There was a big turtle inside it. The turtle was stuck. Mom said it was a box turtle. We climbed down into the pool to get the turtle because it was stuck between 2 rocks. It was trying to get out. We moved the big rocks and the turtle tried to get out. We carried it out and set it free. It crawled really fast into the woods.It was a lot of fun. We felt good to help a little turtle and save its life. The end!

Story #56
Name: Joseph
City and State: Gorham NH   Age: 10
The Story: One day my friend Bronson and I went ice fishing.  It was a great day on the lake.  It began to get dark so we headed for the truck.  After about five minutes of driving, we saw a dark figure in the road.  It was a huge bull moose….. We held on tight and avoided the moose, he went running into the woods, back to his habitat.

Story #57
Name: Hannah M.
City and State: Woodstock, VT
The Story : 2008 at my house….One day I heard something outside and wondered what it was.  My mom came running up the stairs to get me up to tell me there was a moose up behind my garage.  When I got dressed and came outside, there it was. A moose.  It was a female and looked like it was lost.  I had a good feeling the moose had a baby because it was angry and looking for a way to get over the river, but she wasn’t able to because a guard rail was in her way.  The moose saw us and got scared and ran up behind the barn.  I thought I would never see that moose again, but maybe if I find another moose behind my garage it could posobly be the moose I dreamed to see again.  Then when the giant animal left I had named it Dreamer because of it’s dream of getting across the river and my dream of me seeing the moose again.  

Story #58
Name: Autumn
City and State: Gorham,NH    Age: 9
The Story: Once I was driving down our hill and saw two moose cross the road . It was cool!

Story #59
Name: Lauren
City and State: Gorham, NH     Age: 10
The Story: One day I was in my backyard and my dad and my brother were cutting wood when I went to our brook behind my house and there it was…. a sealion!  I yelled it out so loud that my neighbors could hear.  I was so excited that my dad messted it all up.  He said it was a  otter. Still I was kind of excited but still sad.  At least it was an animal.  It was still exciting.

Story #60 
Name: Brooke
City and State: Gorham,NH    Age: 10
The Story: Once we were going to my grandmother’s house and we stopped and there was a moose right outside my window. (my window was open). It was so close I could pet it. My parents didn`t believe me. I said “Mommy there`s a giant moose outside my window”. finally she saw it.

Story #61
Name: Joanie M.
City and State: Rangeley, Maine       Age: 7
 The Story: My uncle saw a moose. The mooses horn got stuck in a tree and my uncle took the mooses horn and pulled it out and the moose ran off! 

Story #62
Name: Hannah L.
City and State: Vernon, NJ       Age: 11
The Story: It was my 6th birthday party.  We were on the side of my house.  I went inside to show someone the bath room.  Then I screamed BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because I was so young I was totally freaking out.  Everyone went in my house for the rest of the party.  I will always remember that birthday because of the bear.

Story #63
Name: Briana
City and State: Vernon, NJ          Age: 12
The Story: One day my great grand father was hunting. He saw a wild bear but kept cool and then he heard the bear pant and swip its paws. then started chasing after my great grandfather…but thats how my great grandpa eneded up in the hospital for a month with alot of injuries and possibly cold have died..

Story #64
Name: Sarah
City and State: Freeport, ME            Age: 13
The Story: Once my grandmother was babysitting my sister and i, and i went into the bathroom. i heard a sqeak from the bathtub and there was a MOUSE in the tub!! my sister put a red cup for it to play with,and when we came back, we couldn’t find the mouse! but, just then the cup overturned and the mouse was in the cup! SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!! the end

Story #65
Name: Hayley
City and State: Sheboygan, Wisconsin    Age: 7
The Story: Last summer there was a little bird out in front of my house on the sidewalk. The bird did not seem to be able to fly and let us approach it. It started to rain really hard, so my dad called the wiled life center. While we waited for a call back, it started to rain harder. We went outside to give it shelter, but before we got to it, it flew up to a small tree.

Story #66
Name: Hunter
City and State: Shippensburg, PA             Age: 12
The  Stories:   I found a garter snake in the yard and my mom asked me to move it so I did. While I was moving it a frog hopped out of its mouth and hopped away.
I live in the woods and see many animals each day. I have taken snake classes so I know a lot on snakes. One day my sister (27) said that a snake that was at her house had struck at her dogs and she took a pic and showed it to me to tell her what it was. I was amazed to tell her that it was a copperhead. I could tell by the shape of the head.

Story #67
Name: Jessica
City and State: Newville, PA                Age: 8
The Story: One day i was on a camping trip and i went into the woods and i saw a groundhog jump in front of me. He looked at me thinking i was going to get his babies so i took a couple steps back and ran away then i went to go get my dad and told him the whole story then a couple minutes later my dad and i went back there again the groundhog and the babies were not there anymore.

Story #68
Name: Nancy Buckingham
City and State: Wilmington, NC      Age:
The Story: Between 12:40 and 1:05 p.m. today I watched a red-tailed hawk stalking, chasing and missing a squirrel in a tall pine tree in our backyard.  They continually circled one another with the hawk occasionally flying to a nearby bare branch to re-think its attack and lunge from a different angle.  The hawk was an immature; very speckled with a not-quite-red tail.  The squirrel had a bottle-brush tail, sparsely haired.My binoculars allowed me to see that the rodent had already been attacked–it’s three-holed wound was fresh and must have enticed the hawk to remain vigilant.  I’ve never seen a raptor turn its head in so many different angles or maneuver its wings in so many different arrangements to navigate the closely spaced mess of the tree’s needled branches.  The wimpering squirrel held its own, continuing the merry-go-round, with some up and down, for at least the 25 minutes I was honored to watch.  I can see where an accipiter would have a much easier time in this situation.  But are they as patient? The patience did wear off since after several minutes of preening on a dead branch in the next pine over, the red-tailed took off down the creek, flushing a flock of  small birds on its way toward the Intracoastal.  I couldn’t see or hear the squirrel at that point.  I wonder if it found the safety of an old nest in which to heal, or if the hawk will remember its injured prey and return to dance around the pine once more.

Story #69
Name: Kristen
 City and State: PA                  Age: 8
The Story: One time I was in the bath (shawer) so the cleaneing lady was here and she opiond the gaet and…. my dog  got in the shawer with me.

 Story #70
 Name: Madeline Drye
City and State: Mechanicsburg, PA         Age: 8
The Story: I was walking one day with my grandmah and I saw this bird fall…so I ran then picked up the bird and he started to sing. The end!

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